In fact, brokers as a group get no respect


One of my favorite posts.

The Harris Interactive Poll below proves what any self-respecting real estate broker already knows: When it comes to viewing prestigious occupations. . . well, there’s solace in assuming that at least used-car salesperson must rank even lower.

The table is pretty depressing, but regular readers of this blog know full well the dismay, even disdain, with which I tend to view my competition. While everyone is aware that what we do, after all, is sell, too many of us ignore ethics, flout the law or engage in hyperbolic language that defies credulity.

Yet there are brokers whose approach is to build relationships rather than merely close a deal. They take seriously the responsibility to represent their clients’ best interests. And they make a point of knowing their market, the nation’s economic situation, mortgage options and the best way to ensure a safe and smooth transaction.

Such brokers are in the minority, so little wonder that the public stereotypes us as having a less prestigious occupation than a farmer, accountant or stockbroker.

We’ve made our bed, and it’s high time we changed the sheets.

Please note: You won’t find any previously unpublished posts during my blog’s annual August hiatus, but I hope you’ll enjoy reading some of my favorite ones. Although I’m not publishing new posts right now, I am continuing to assist buyers and sellers with their needs. Feel free to be in touch, and I hope you enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

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