Out and About: Beware of false hopes

I snapped this photo from the north balcony.  Below is how the project appears from the living room, from which the balcony rail is just visible.

From many apartments in the 37-story high-rise built in 1967 on Amsterdam Avenue in the low 60s, the views always impressed visitors.

Some of the condos retain those vistas, but those facing the site of a massive Fordham University construction project haven’t been so fortunate.  Even those above the 22-story building must contend with an ugly foreground.

I’ve written in the past about concerns all buyers should have about lot-line windows. This issue is different, and it centers on views that are protected by zoning restrictions and landmarking.

In other words, it is not enough to worry about the possibility of construction that could rise some day against your potential new home. Buyers also have to ascertain whether the area beyond is protected as well. Continue reading