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Among my travel companions over the years, I am legend for wanting to walk just one more block to check out restaurants for dinner.  Such treks can last for hours, literally.

So, I’m sympathetic to homebuyers who want to see one potential new home after another until the search exhausts everyone involved.

And I fully appreciate that buying a home is nothing to undertake casually.

But there comes a point at which enough is enough: Every potential property has been seen, considered and had its pluses and minuses thoughtfully debated.

As I’ve maintained frequently, no buyer fails to accept compromises at any price point, even into the many millions of dollars.  The neighborhood might be right, but not the lobby.  The kitchen might inspire, but the layout may be troubling.  The views might be awesome, but the finishes could prove to be unacceptable.

The list goes on.

I’m not suggesting that buyers should pick an arbitrary number at which they’ll stop looking, but viewing scores of properties is unlikely to have a different result from finally deciding on one after just one score has been covered.

The issue, I believe, has more to do with indecisiveness or ambivalence about a purchase itself than with potential homes that don’t meet expectations.  Just as it may be better to take a property off the market after months of receiving no offers, it may be good for buyers to drop their search until they’re prepared to sign on the dotted line.

As momentous as the home buying decision seems, a new home does not have to be forever.

Someone once said — was it Harry Truman? — that every decision has a 50 percent chance of being right or wrong.

When the number of properties inspected shoots up, that is an insight well worth bearing in mind.  It was the late president who also declared where the buck stops, and it is up to buyers to recognize where the search must end.

Tomorrow: Advertising know who

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