Never believe ‘move-in condition’ with purchase

Looks can be deceiving when it comes to necessary improvements.

“Move right in!” goes the broker’s pitch.

Well, yes, you can.  But don’t think that you won’t want to change a thing.

Even in new construction, you’ll find plenty of flaws in the finishes, items that demand an upgrade, paint colors to modify and so on.

When dealing with a resale, “move-in condition” is altogether a misstatement.

Remember the arresting artwork and distracting family photos on the wall?  Once removed, you’ll notice the ghostly reminders on the walls that held them.

And the lovely carpeting — oops! — covered patches of hardwood that demand refinishing.

The appliances?  Well, the washing machine or dishwasher may prove to be clamorous, though you overlooked the decibels when checking things out during your walk-through.

In any case, so long as appliances are in working condition, the seller bears no responsibility for making a monetary adjustment at the closing table.

As for the chandelier that you understood wouldn’t be staying, consider the marks left on the ceiling with its disappearance.

The built-in wall of bookcases may remain, but who knew how shabby they look without shelving full of volumes?

As for the ceiling, you hardly noticed the popcorn treatment that you now can’t stand.  Nor, perhaps, would you have realized how much you hated track lighting.

Then you discover that the lights dim every time you turn on a hair dryer, air conditioner or toaster.  Or that tiles on the shower wall line up drunkenly.

It’s fine to buy a place that is sold “as is” in great condition, but don’t ever expect that the cost of your new home stops at the contract price.

Tomorrow: Stubborn doesn’t sell

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