Weekly Roundup: New. . . rent data, celebrity moves, U.S. market reports, interest rates, generation of investors, forecasts and more

November rents in Manhattan ease slightly as Sandy contributes to drop in inventory

Almost burned, one tenant unscathed after renting out apartment via Airbnb

Mayor calls for immediate redrawing of FEMA flood maps

Sunlight in apartments comes at a cost

NY Fed’s interactive tool provides housing market data

Insurance won’t cover loss in event of apartment misuse

Many of the city’s newest transplants favor Manhattan

His new home is, strangely, no fixer-upper

London house of singer who died tragically young sold at auction below original asking price

Retired Yankee’s condo sale long way from home run

Chef’s purchase of second apartment is no fish story

Celebrity photographer of celebrities bailing out of Greenwich Village with ask of $33 million

Actor’s California home takes $2.65 million curtain call one year later

Miami developers take page from South American playbook with unprecedented deposits

Asking prices increase in November

October prices up 6.3 percent versus October 2011

Early December’s inventory falls 22 percent from year earlier

Builders report surging number of improving housing markets

Sales of distressed property, bank-owned homes rise in Q3

Soaring rents drive boom in apartments

Rate of seriously delinquent loans declines in October

Homeowners are well-advised to avoid key mistakes when refinancing

Interest rates remain little changed

Completed foreclosures drop 17 percent from October 2011

And that’s nothing compared with foreclosure starts, down by nearly half compared with last year

Purchase-loan volume inches up from same week a year ago

Delinquency rates decrease

Lenders will block loan if unhappy with borrower’s neighbors, condo’s cash reserves

Some researchers say processing foreclosures in courts slows housing market’s recovery

Stars get into some remarkable closets

It’s nice work if you can get it. . . for your home

New generation of investors betting on U.S. housing market

Investors need to know what financing is available, what drives bank activity

FHA continues policy on flipping within limits through 2014

Norway plans to join the fun by spending $11 billion on U.S. real estate

For buyers who intend to live in a home for at least three years, buying better financial decision than renting

House flipping is back with a vengeance, with New York region topping list of best

Successful downsizing by seniors begins with adequate research

Knight Frank ranks Brazil as country with most price growth over a year

Tax issues may militate against selling despite increase in property values

Limited housing forces some Sandy victims far from home

Resort living comes to campus in dormitories owned by developers

Timeless design for kids’ room takes into account changing styles, fads of childhood

If you have 13 feet to spare, can spend loads of cash and like to watch fish, Takashi Amano is the guy to hire

Glass fronts on gas fireplaces prompt safety concerns

Rising pet adoptions suggest upbeat housing market

Former hedge-funder who made billions predicts greater housing rebound

You have the option to search privately here for all New York City properties, though I encourage you to be in touch with me for assistance and advice. You also may want to see my critiques of properties that I visit in Out and About, which I post on Mondays or Tuesdays.

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