Sellers fall into five categories before listing

Dirk Zeller

Brokers frequently rue the difficulties of getting sellers to appreciate how their homes must look before putting them on the market.

In a lively Realty Times column, real estate guru Dirk Zeller puts sellers into five categories: Mr. Fix-It, a gung-ho renovator, a stuck-in-the-60s lover of the past, a do-nothing couch potato, and a human calculator.

He describes Mr. Fix-It as a type to go overboard completing projects before the home is ready to be shown, though the work may not, unfortunately, be up to industry standards.

The gung-ho renovator wants almost to create a new home with a total makeover, spending too much time and money on the project.

You easily can imagine how lovers of the past respond to the challenge of preparing a home for presentation to potential buyers.  Their dated décor can make it especially hard for purchasers to visualize how they would fit in, according to Zeller.

As for couch potatoes, they are more wedded to their remote control than to clean up, pick up or repair their home.  “They feel that someone out there is willing to pay top dollar for the home, regardless of its mediocre condition,” Zeller asserts.

In the writer’s estimation, the calculator might be the most difficult of all five types.  Human calculators have tracked every nickel spent on their home and. . . they want every one of them back.

If you are about to be a seller, the most important tack is to engage a listing agent you trust and follow up by taking that person’s advice.

Don’t be the sixth type, the one who embraces all the others.  That seller is someone I’ll dub “the obstinator.”

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