Weekly Roundup: Condos pipeline, easing rents, rising values, foreclosure pitfalls, hiding places, credit reporting errors, moving tips and more

Real estate pros expecting best year since fall of 2008

They’re taking Manhattan but leaving it alone

Strong demand has developers raising prices of new condos month after month

Construction loans easier to obtain

Jumping 54 percent in 2012 from prior year, new residential construction more than doubles from 2010

With tenants choosing to buy, rental market cools a bit

Report says ‘affordable’ housing too costly

Attorney general to stop settling escrow disputes, send parties to court instead

Celebrity chef moves to 4,650-sf Harlem townhouse

His mission of selling 2,200-sf East Village condo proves to be possible

Onetime Heisman winner and losing Senate candidate lands in Greenwich Village

Maybe their golden touch will produce buyer for actor couple’s $6.5 million Malibu property

Not yet newly wed, they relieve Sharon of estate for merely $13 million

Bald actor buys Upper West Side co-op to die for

7,000-sf Malibu mansion with orchard mesmerizes musician to tune of $6.575 million

In California, some stars aligning prices to meet buyer indifference

Median price in Q4 posts highest year-over-year increase in seven years

Inventory continues to slide in January

Residential property values grow 4.9 percent from December to December

Using credit card to make your mortgage payments debatable tactic

Only half of today’s new government-sponsored loans would meet new federal standards

Interest in loans abates a week ago and what to make of today’s trends

Rate unchanged for 30-year-fixed loan

California law effective in January big cause of drop in foreclosure starts

Neighbors can affect appraisals. . . and not necessarily in a good way

If you’re going to sell tomorrow, today is the time to get ready

Journey to winning bidding war starts with having lender on board

TV star supports construction of new homes in Tampa for disabled soldiers

Most common words in listings differ between NYC and the great beyond

Sales of condos in Toronto cooling

Purchase of foreclosed property may not be great idea

Eight tax breaks every homeonwer should consider

Don’t expect the aroma of freshly baked cookies or other complex scents to make a sale

Buying newly built home much like buying new car at the dealership

Name of even humble house, once provenance of grand estates, can excite buyers or turn them off

Living large possible in tiny apartment

Checking insurance one of five tips for moving in NYC

Picking right paint color should involve more trial than error

Homes can, and do, hold many secrets from former lovers to full frontal nudity

Right lighting styles, shades and hanging heights can bring room back to life

5 percent of consumers pay too much interest because of errors in credit reports

Ratio of men to women highest in Las Vegas among 100 biggest metros

Average credit scores vary widely among states — e.g. 755 in California, 689 in Mississippi

Goldman Sachs: Housing’s pace over two years expected to boost employment

Freddie: Expect 22-26 percent gain in housing starts in 2013-2014

You have the option to search privately for all New York City properties here, though I encourage you to be in touch with me for assistance and advice. You also may want to see my critiques of properties that I visit in Out and About, which next week, I’ll post right after Presidents Day.

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