Weekly Roundup: ‘Insane’ market, rising prices, pronounced seasonality, surging sales, wasted electricity, 65,000-acre Quebec spread. . . more!

Next Weekly Roundup April 5

Bidding environment now ‘absolutely insane’

Contract activity soars above prior years, thereby confirming both item above and my Wednesday post

Prices soar 11 percent from January 2012

Prior to usual seasonal increase, February rents in Manhattan inch up over prior month and 5.45 percent over year

Lincoln Square experiences residential surge, adding more than 1,000 rentals over next few years

Ground broken for two 30-story rental towers in Hunter’s Point south project on Long Island City waterfront

And in Brooklyn, developers aggressively building big new rental towers

In hot housing market, increasing number of siblings values togetherness

Spiraling cost of maintenance said to be pushing some shareholders out

The one that got away haunts spurned buyers

It’s possible to minimize Department of Building delays of renovations

New studies show Sandy hit low-income tenants harder than better-off homeowners

Panicked by fiscal cliff, December’s sellers of luxury properties probably lost money

Unlike stone wall, human touch is all over brick

Williamsburg couple builds own home — out of shipping containers

$3 million price cut key to sale of singer’s TriBeCa penthouse

Actress seeks angel on third attempt to sell Greenwich Village co-op, now at $6.99 million

Seen in Argo and once close to foreclosure, Los Angeles home of aged Hungarian actress finds buyer

Nicks star, wife to cram themselves into five-bedroom rental on upper Fifth Avenue

Year-over-year prices up 9.7 percent in January

February asking price gain 1.4 percent over prior month

Construction spending down in January, but private residential construction looks promising

Graphs show clearly arrival of two bottoms

Seasonality more pronounced than ever

At four-year low, January’s rate of serious loan delinquency declines from month and year earlier

Fed’s Beige Book finds strengthening real estate activity in most districts

Fewer foreclosures linked to tight housing supply

Purchase-loan activity zooms to highest level since mid-January

Interest rates hold steady

With few economists expecting rate rise above 4 percent, buyers need to assess direction of prices

Banks discover unexpected number of wrongful foreclosures among members of military

Working through existing loan backlog at current pace of foreclosure sales could take five years in some states

Household mortgage debt slides $1.2 trillion from peak

Foreclosure not foregone conclusion when owners of high-end homes fall behind on mortgage payments

Global luxury property market functioning in own universe

Luxury homes designed for one may be hottest thing in singles scene

Costs of daily life vary widely among top 10 cities for luxury living

BusinessWeek explains why real estate agents remain relevant in Internet age

Take your car and shove it into your private space yourself

Site defines San Francisco as best of five cities to sell a home

Authorities save 92-year-old widow’s home from foreclosure auction prompted by obscure terms of reverse mortgage

Big tax increase causes sales volume of luxury residences to plummet in London, yet prices 55 percent above 2009 low

Top 15 cities identified as supposedly best housing markets across the globe for next five years

And the 15 worst!

65,000-acre Quebec property with homes, numerous lakes asks $79 million

Three Nevada residents indicted for bank fraud in purchase of 230 properties, allegedly costing lenders $30 million

Chavez death could hurt Miami real estate market

Inexpensive device helps gauge where electricity being used, possibly wasted

At Sherwin-Williams, keeper of ‘color bible’ aims for bond between homeowners and hues with catchy names

If storing toilet paper keeps you up at night, don’t fail to click here for arresting design ideas

Robots, ducks, ‘awesome’ swag displayed at International Home and Housewares Show

Latest technology can make for easier living in homes for seniors, everyone else too

Price, proximity to work key concern for first-time home buyers, while design and neighborhood key to others

Little sign Americans have changed dependence on homes as mainstay of their wealth

Manhattan draws more commuters than any other county in the country

Americans remain upbeat about housing

More builders than not againt report improving conditions in apartment, condominium market

Columnist asks whether revival will endure

But Moody’s says slight relaxation of credit creates positive outlook

‘Great senior selloff’ predicted for later this decade

Rental, homeownership demand from new U.S. immigrants expected to grow

British property consultancy declares world’s wealthiest will head to Asia in next 10 years

Respected analyst Ivy Zelman says she’s more bullish on housing than ever

You have the option to search privately for all New York City properties here, though I encourage you to be in touch with me for assistance and advice. Please note that this will be the last Weekly Roundup until April 5.  On Monday, see the last Out and About until April 8, with many more new posts between now and then.

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