Weekly Roundup: Upcoming auction, Hamptons rentals, U.S. prices, trending rates, much more

Queens public administrator schedules auction of three co-ops, 12 houses from $64,000 to $1.054 million

Co-op boards have broad latitude in making, amending, rescinding house rules, however wiggy

Suburbs, particularly in Connecticut and New Jersey, see rising prices

And in the Hamptons, number of $1 million rentals — for the summer alone — approaches record

Homeowners hurt by Sandy to receive property tax reductions totaling $90 million

Uh, those folks using balconies for storage or dead house plants can opt for highest, best use

When it comes to living here, actor Richard Kind knows what he loves

Again to be newly wed, actress turned fashion mogul lists Beverly Hills estate for $8 million

Discount taken in purchase of singer’s Central Park West apartment hardly immaterial

Rap mogul slashes price of two properties he’s trying to unload

Oscar winner for role as blind man quietly sells part of compound overlooking Hudson River in Palisades, N.Y.

He sees lively profit in asking $22 million for Beverly Hills house

10-time Grammy winner lists Englewood estate for $2.99 million

Prices up 10.9 percent from March to March, Case-Shiller reports

But they’re up just 7.6 percent according to another index

Whichever is closer to reality, an institutional trading firm advises against believing new-bubble hype

Contract activity inches up in April to 10.3 percent above April last year

30-year rates reach highest level in a year, 3.81 percent, nearly half a point increase in a month

Freddie, Fannie make it easier for retirees to qualify for loans

A few mouse click leads to treasure trove of information about lenders

Purchase, refi loan activity move in opposite directions

Foreclosure inventory drops 24 percent from prior year

Yes, foreigners also can take advantage of low interest rates when purchasing property

Greater number of jumbo-mortgage borrowers being required to obtain flood insurance

Flippers once again ride the housing wave

New higher taxes cause wealthy Parisians to flee, inventory to flourish, prices to fall

Broad-based housing improvements appear to buoy consumer confidence, spending

Rising prices start to discourage institutional investors from purchasing rental homes

Loan popular when bubble formed makes comeback, though with a twist

Mexico’s housing bust bruises investors, buyers

There’s an art to designing luxury model apartments

One of 10 things cats won’t tell you is that love doesn’t come cheap

Digital technology creating new possibilities for ceramic tiles

Organization, foresight can make move to new home almost manageable

Even without having to move, good way to organize is just 10 minutes at a time

Pots, pans need your love to last and cook well

IMAX now launching private home-theater systems — for $2 million a pop

Using homes as ATMs fueled foreclosures, says Fed study

Baby Boomers have more in common with their children than with their parents

Key real estate markets seem headed to bubble territory

You have the option to search privately for all New York City properties here, though I encourage you to be in touch with me for assistance and advice. You also may want to see my critiques of properties that I visit in Out and About, which I post on Mondays or Tuesdays.

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