Weekly Roundup: Hot sales, rising prices and rents, upward trending rates, online reno tools, conflicting recovery predictions and much more

Sales hot, hot, hot in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, where Williamsburg prices soar 23.6 percent in year

Even with continued inventory shortage, Q2 sales leap up

Average rent in city (excluding Staten Island) breaks $3,000 for first time

And median rent in Manhattan hits $3,195 in June, with Brooklyn’s jumping 13.5 percent since 2012

Many uptown adherents now embracing downtown neighborhoods they once considered unthinkable

Landlords, boards of co-ops and condos tailoring latest amenities to demographics of their buildings

AG’s new directive allows syndication ownership of new developments, giving buyers of single units chance to purchase before offering plan approved

No correlation found between Manhattan prices, mortgage rates

El Dorado gets judge to boot chain-smoking ‘heiress’ on claim of $230,000 back maintenance

Critical reports finds nearly 30 percent of Manhattan now in historic districts

Singer once again cuts price of multi-million-dollar 1870 Idaho ranch with its five bedrooms and (presumably) 21st century recording studio

House prices continue steep rise, besting post-crash low of $170 per square foot by $35

Apartment vacancy rate stops falling in Q2

Census Bureau proclaims median price of purchased homes goes up to $110,000 — in 2011

Developers in New York, Miami, other citie demanding — and getting — millions for unbuilt homes

Week’s rates continue trending higher

Consumers anxious about rising interest rates so loan activity trending down

Seller financing can seal the deal

Pre-closing reviews suggest buyers should do nothing to change credit picture until money is delivered

Home equity balances have grown by more than $2 trillion within past 12 months to nearly $9.1 trillion, a 28.6 percent gain

Problems with loan approval have solutions that borrowers can employ

Loan officers at independent brokers enjoy $123,000 in average total compensation

Adjustable-rate loans starting to make big comeback

Foreclosure activity at lowest level since 2005

Language in listings emphasizes values when market slow, but lifestyle and views in more robust economies

Lending initiative makes Blackstone’s big bet on houses to rent even bigger

Mexicans buying U.S. property favor single-family homes in border states, with half paying cash

Cultural norms, purchase process vary around the world

Wave of new appliances cater to serious residential chef

Exotic woods from around the world add form and function to home décor

When caulking goes awry, repairs possible

Online tools can help with pricing cost of renovations

Knowing nothing else about a city, folks prefer to live in its northern half as opposed to its southern portion

Surveys highlight changing role for investor in housing market

Wide generational differences measured in the buying and selling real estate

Fannie Mae’s chief economist says favorable market conditions, rising rates may cause rush to buy

Or not

Mortgage analyst also predicts major pause in housing’s recovery a few months from now

Risk professionals at banks expect fewer mortgage delinquencies during last half of 2013

You have the option to search privately for all New York City properties here, though I encourage you to be in touch with me for assistance and advice. You also may want to see my critiques of properties that I visit in Out and About, which I post on Mondays or Tuesdays.

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