Heads in the sand make for disappointed sellers

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There are no real estate booms on the horizon.

So says PJ Wade on the RealtyTimes blog regarding five strategies “sellers haven’t learned and keep paying for.”

The first is understanding that “time marches on, not backward.”  She underscores the message as follows:

Waiting for real estate prices to return to pre-recession levels before you put your home on the market means you don’t understand that time only goes forward.

Other of her points:

  • Your wants don’t win over buyers’ demands;
  • Stubbornness is not a winning strategy;
  • Paying for something valuable that you don’t use is more than a waste;
  • Ignoring the obvious can lead to undervaluing a sound offer.

“The net gain from selling and buying is what should be considered, not just the profit from selling,” Wade writes.  “Often the obvious gain in selling is to be free to take the next step in your life and to move to a new home ready to start a whole lot more treasured memories”

Her column helpfully elaborates on the summary here, and I commend it to your attention.

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