Real men in Cambodia content to go with pink

IMG_4491 It is not uncommon to see men in Cambodia wearing pink, riding pink bicycles or piloting pink motos. IMG_5709 To witness their unashamed behavior is refreshing.  How the situation came to arise is a fair question. IMG_5700 I can only speculate about the answer.  For one thing, Western machismo is worlds away. IMG_5704 For another thing, Cambodians are nothing if not pragmatic:  If it wears or rides in this developing country, then why not use it?  A fashion statement it is not. IMG_5700 I am not unaware of fashion trends for men, and I am old enough to remember when Chevrolet’s pink- and charcoal grey-colored vehicles were all the rage.  But pink here is nothing more than a color without a value attached to it.

(Photo by "Bob" on Flickr)

(Photo of 1955 Chevrolet by “Bob” on Flickr)

In any case, I like seeing those flashes of unself-conscious color. E-mail:


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