Travel continues to infiltrate my blog about Cambodia

Written years ago, the focus of my blog as expressed at the top continues to be true: “Reflections on Living in Another World.”

Although you may have noted a sprinkling of posts that are more about my travel experiences than my perspectives on Cambodia, especially Phnom Penh, rest assured that I don’t see this blog as merely or mostly a travel blog.

Yet it occurs to me as I write that maybe you’d prefer more travel and less of my observations about the country where I have made my home since the end of 2013.  If so, you’ll be particularly pleased over the next several weeks.  Indeed, I may find it hard to avoid commenting on aspects of the wider world as I spend increasing amounts of time outside Cambodia in satisfaction of the travel bug that afflicts me.  Nor will I abandon trips worth describing when I make my way around the country.

That said, I am unable to cease writing about the nuances that I encounter in the nation that now is my home.  For example, I have in mind or in draft posts about hot water, the growing reliance on motorized vehicles, a hike in a part of the country that not even many Cambodians have seen, alcohol consumption, handicap access and towering loads of merchandise under transport.  Regular readers already know that I like to write about a variety of observations and experiences.  In that regard, nothing has changed.


Mobile used-clothing stores are customer magnet at construction sites, where food vendors also make the rounds.  I am publishing this photo merely because it shows a slice of life that attracted my interest.  Same goes for those at the top, which you may want to scroll over and also expand.

Not for wishing otherwise, I intend to pretty much avoid politics.

Although I gather that expats writing in English are insulated from government pressure, I prefer to keep my risk low in that regard however much I am distressed by the corruption and human rights abuses that others chronicle in the Phnom Penh Post, Cambodia Daily and a number of other publications that have articles I mention on Twitter.  I cannot promise that I won’t be able stop from commenting on the situation here.  TBD.

Despite the number of forthcoming posts, I departed years ago from daily frequency (almost exclusively about real estate) to weekly.  I am beginning to think every couple of weeks may be often enough, certainly in August, December and during any of my extensive travels.  Also TBD.

On any given day, I almost always count well under 100 readers and, in any month, fewer comments than I would enjoy seeing.  I cannot tell you much I appreciate all those who visit this site.  Thank you!

I confess that I’m pleased with my unwittingly prescient phrasing at the top after I moved here in December 2013.  After all, “Another World” covers a fair amount of territory.

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