Why do many posts here seem to center on one topic?


National Bank of Cambodia in Battambang

The most charitable reaction I can attribute to someone’s recent comment to me is that I was taken aback.  Somehow, it seemed like a criticism, and whose skin is thinner than mine?

What that acquaintance said is my blog seems to center on money.  “It does,” I thought?  How can that be?”  Then I thought again.

Perhaps he’s right.  After all, one of the several important reasons for moving to Cambodia was money: to ensure that I would be able to live well and also have sufficient funds to last my life.  Yet I have to label that explanation both banal and superficial.

It may be more to the point to recognize that I am kind of an idealist — a characteristic that led me to my original career as a journalist — who can be pretty judgmental about what I see around me.  If money is, indeed, the root of all evil, I have to concede that much of what I observe and chronicle in Cambodia centers on that root and all that issues from it — the trunk, the branches and leaves, each of them reflecting their source.

Looking back , I note that many of my posts touch on the following subjects:

  • Corruption in business
  • Corruption in government
  • Poverty
  • The elite
  • Runaway building development
  • Education
  • Exploitation of women and children
  • Disregard for the environment
  • Loansharks
  • Counterfeit goods

You can see, as I now do, that they center on money from one direction or another — whether the poor or the rich.  Certainly, I have no intention of refraining from writing about conditions here.

Not only will I find it all but impossible to avoid venting my (arguably naïve) sense of indignation; it is fair to say that I hope my readers will share it.  Maybe they — you — will be moved to effect positive change in an arena where I happen to feel increasingly unable to do so personally.

Yet I confess this: I am not all that hopeful.

Email: malcolmncarter@gmail.com

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