The Big Apple: Luxury sales surge along with wages


Mayor Bloomberg’s Commission on Human Rights is a “nearly invisible joke,” contends Errol Louis in the New York Daily News. Says he:

The agency’s 2009 annual report included a single paragraph on housing discrimination with no information on Continue reading

Sticky subject bedevils new 96th street station

North entrance of the station.

The new headhouse, as it’s called, at 96th Street and Broadway, isn’t even finished.  But it’s already scarred.

That's not abstract art in this closeup from the photo above.

The pigs among New Yorkers being what they are have decided to share their chewing gum with the lovely stonework beneath their feet. Continue reading

People are looking up, up inside 96th St. station

If you look closely, you'll see flowers blooming overhead.

If you frequent the 96th Street station on Broadway, perhaps you’ve already taken for granted the new headhouse that, in my opinion, ought to win some kind of award.  I just marvel  every time I pass or use the structure, which improves every day on the way to completion.

The latest addition is inside and overhead, an art installation Continue reading