Residents may not crowd into apartments

(Flickr photo by Rae Allen)

When considering board applications, virtually all co-operative and condominium buildings want to be sure there won’t be too many residents in the apartment that a purchaser is under contract to buy.

No overstuffed clown cars for them.

For buildings, it is a matter of sensible choice.  For the city, it is a matter of law.

According to the New York City Administrative Code, the number of apartment occupants depends on the “livable floor area.”  Here’s how to calculate the area: Continue reading

Wheels on the bikes go round and round

Do you see a light or helmet? At least this guy doesn't have to juggle bags full of food from the handlebars on busy Amsterdam Avenue.

Add me to the legion of Manhattanites who complain about cyclists who race the wrong way on streets, barrel along sidewalks and ignore traffic lights.

My complaint is about the men — only men, I think — making deliveries on bicycles and their employers.  I should say that I sympathize with those folks, whose jobs, such as they are, must rank among the worst in the city.

Living on a corner of Amsterdam Avenue on the Upper West Side, where a plethora of restaurants means a plenitude of bicycle deliveries, I am unusually cautious when crossing that thoroughfare.  I pause, look both ways, step into the street and look again and again as I venture to the opposite side.

That was my practice the other night on my way home from the gym.  Despite my vigilance, however, Continue reading