Out and About: How the other half (1%?) lives

One kitchen among several like it in Tribeca on a tour of "luxe" properties.

In a word, the other half lives very well.  Very, very well.

Invited with others to take a brokers’ tour of “luxe” properties in Tribeca and SoHo, I couldn’t resist having a look at them and posting photographs of some of them.

Master bedroom plus terrace in one loft.

They were priced for as little as $12.95 million to — get this — $45 million, and I have to say that they pretty much measured up to my expectations for lavish, stylish and spacious places to live.  They should!

I confess with more than a touch of envy that perhaps such lofts also enable their owners to lord it over those whose abodes cost them a mere few millions — “envy” being key.  Continue reading