Weekly Roundup: Outer boroughs vs. Manhattan, Hamptons on rebound, growing June sales and prices, eager buyers, actors aiming lower, more

This is the last Weekly Roundup until after Labor Day

Outer boroughs far outpace Manhattan in Q2 sales

‘Best and final’ offers often getting breached after seller acceptance

Ties to the city by relative handful of residents usually long and loved

Landlord spends $20,000 on private detective to bust owner renting out apartment via Airbnb

Renting apartment for grown children can be taxing

Rent regulation creates two different worlds

To say nothing of the enormous tax advantages many luxury co-ops enjoy

Home sales, prices rebound in the Hamptons in Q2

City Council erases quirk in special tax exemption for veterans

Finally acting like a grown-up, he lowers price to sell Malibu mansion for $10.2 million

Widow of opera legend Continue reading

Procrastinators, cheer walk-through timing

Do waste a minute!

Anyone who’s ever waited until the night before it was due to draft a term paper, put off calculating income tax until the last minute or delayed a dental visit until a root canal was indicated knows something about procrastination.

For one thing or another, I’m sure we all have had at least a brush or, more likely, head-on collision with procrastination.

But the one situation in which procrastination is mandated centers on the pre-closing walk-through that is as much a part of the purchasing ritual as handing over a deposit check.

Delaying that visit until the eleventh hour to the property that is about to become your home is the perfect opportunity to feel good about being bad.  That’s because Continue reading