Listing brokers actually must see board package

Requirements list on typical purchase application

Requirements list on typical purchase application

To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen, when I make a mistake, it’s a doozy.  So it was with this post.  Please see correction below, now reflected in headline.

A broker friend of mine confided in me her anger at another broker.

It seems that the broker listing an apartment wasn’t happy with the board package.  My perfectionist friend, a highly successful broker of close to 30 years, had assembled the thing for her buyer and sent it to the other woman for review.

Without a comprehensively and competently presented package, as most consumers here know, the likelihood of a board’s accepting a prospective shareholder into the building is greatly reduced.

My friend, call her Emily, had painstakingly put together the thick packet, having Continue reading

If your favorite attorney lives outside NYC, don’t even think about asking for help

It seems that almost everyone has a brother-in-law, uncle, cousin, best friend or golf partner who is a lawyer.

How tempting to ask that individual to handle your real estate transaction.  The trust and savings that can be your benefit must be hard to match.

But if that attorney lives outside New York City, you may well be making a big mistake. Continue reading