Survey: Prospective home buyers harbor 5 myths

Many U.S. home buyers operate in the dark (Flickr photo by SP8254 - Catching Up)

As a New Yorker, of course I believe that we’re smarter than anyone else in the country.  So, I don’t necessarily subscribe to our sharing the same deficiencies that home buyers who live elsewhere suffer.

But I do think that a recent survey for Zillow bears scrutiny.

Astonishingly, it found that 42 percent of polled prospective home buyers believe Continue reading

Out and About: There’s something about wavy

The bay in Provincetown near sunset.

Gazing at water, an ocean, a lake, a river has its manifold virtues.

Views of water may suggest variations of  tranquility, power, beauty, faith and myriad other shades of human emotion.  Even rain, whether an evening shower or a threatening thunderstorm, has the same potential as a trickling stream or a roaring ocean.

I get it: There is nothing like walking on a sandy beach, negotiating the banks of a canal or sitting comfortably in the arms of a chair or a loved one and contemplating the currents nearby.

Being enveloped by a watery vision is one thing.   Continue reading