Who is the best broker for buyers or sellers?

Making the right choice is not always easy whether in chess or real estate. (Flickr photo by metrognome0)

As soon as I saw the headline. . .

How to Choose an Agent as a Buyer and As a Seller

. . . I was all but certain that I’d quibble with at least some of what followed.

I was right.

Although the post at Curbed.com gives basically sound advice, especially for buyers, the thing that I most questioned was the following: Continue reading

At open house, you can look like Zuckerberg

Open house at Renatus Condominium project, built inside an old church in Grand Rapids., Mich. (Flickr photo by Steven Depolo)

Open houses can have a way of mystifying or misleading consumers.

Luckily, Curbed.com has published a blog post titled “What to Look for at an Open House.”  Although much of the information seems to me to be helpful to the novice buyer, another portion strikes me as pretty obvious.

Curbed:  Agents love when they can send you to open houses because they can multi-task with a bunch of different clients out at the same time who are essentially doing their work for them.

Malcolm:  Yes, I do love it, but not Continue reading

Crystal balls consulted on Manhattan real estate

Panel on the Future of Residential Real Estate at New York Law School

Manhattan’s residential real estate market will continue to elude the magnitude of the problems of the rest of the nation during 2012, panelists assembled by New York Law School concurred this week.

But the participants — who included Curbed founder Lockhart Steele and brokerage executive Diane Ramirez — grappled with the question of why our housing market isn’t booming.

Noting limited inventory, real estate attorney Stuart Saft of the Dewey & LeBoeuf firm the told room full of lawyers and real estate professionals Continue reading

Weekly Roundup: Signed contracts slip, rates too

Decrease in signed contracts bodes poor fourth quarter and next year’s first quarter

August condo market was setback for that market in Manhattan

Curbed plumbs the mind of a landlord

Sellers who spend wisely on improvements can reap big dividends

Apartments that are furnished enjoy growing demand

Metro region posts one-year 2.2% rise in prices of single-family homes

The Russians are spending! The Russians are spending!

Co-ops need to adjust to same-sex marriages

Architects dish up pie in the sky for affordable housing

With deep pockets, you can rent where the likes of Continue reading

Weekly Roundup: Rates near bottom, wealthy foreigners buoy market, steam showers are hot

We top another list, not that there’s anything good about that

A plague of boarded-up buildings visits East Harlem, which brims with new condos as well

How do co-op, condo monthly costs compare?

There are 14 ways for a co-op board to reject you even before an interview

With your truly horrible story about renting, Curbed could pay your rent for a month

Global buyers of super-luxury residences show us the money

Among the 10 most expensive distressed properties in the Hamptons is one listed at $9.45 million

Manhattan jury convicts 70-year-old lawyer of bank fraud, money laundering in scheme involving Westchester real estate

In housing court, Faye’s a no-say and must pay with no delay

October’s 2.8 percent decrease marks 13th straight month of lower prices from year to year

They’re buying high and selling much higher in Beverly Hills

First-timers seem undeterred by housing market’s vagaries, lenders’ strictures

Single mothers Continue reading

Unfinished eyesore on Ludlow Street heads to auction


Under construction in 2008, the Hotel Ludlow remains somnolent across the street from 179 Ludlow Street. Foreground: former bank that became an artist studio owned by Jasper Johns, later a club. (Curbed.com photo)

The small, nearly completed building, at 179 Ludlow St. near Katz’s deli and across from another failed development intended to be the Hotel Ludlow, is an eyesore.  Oddly, the building–which has four apartments and a retail store–in the heart of the gentrified Lower East Side has largely been ignored by the mainstream press.

From everything I’ve been able to glean, however, calling it an eyesore is akin to likening a garbage skow to a trash can. The thing has done nothing but Continue reading

Luxury condo heads to foreclosure auction


Graphic from curbed.com showing views from 121 W. 19th St. condo.

Listed in January 2007 for $3.95 million, an unsold penthouse at 121 W. 19th St. faces a foreclosure sale on July 28, according to curbed.com and propertyshark.com.

The condo is either 1,906 square feet (propertyshark) or 2,071 (the old listing for PH-E).  With $209,298 of assessed value and a lien of $3,237,096, the loft was last listed for $3.7 million until it was taken of the market in March of last year. Continue reading

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Today’s issue of my free-biweekly e-newsletter covers everything from the latest predictions for the housing market to the property that Cher just unloaded.

You’ll also find the latest statistics of sales and prices in Manhattan, the stiff sentences that mortgage fraudsters have received, and my no-holds-barred critiques of condos, co-ops and townhouses that I’ve recently visited as part of my regular “Out and About” feature.

I’ve been writing Realty Digest myself for nearly seven years, and the new issue is the lengthiest and most comprehensive one to date.  I hope you  find it to be not only useful but also enjoyable.

And if I may be pardoned for tooting my own horn – ok, blasting it some more – I’m pleased to have been quoted on other Web sites this week or so, including WestsideIndependent.com, Crain’s and several times on Curbed.com.

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A switcheroo draws the ire of Upper West Siders

The upper Upper West Side thought it was done with luxury high-rise problems when, in a bout of anti-Ariel fury, the community board and the City Council downzoned 51 blocks of the sprawling Manhattan neighborhood, notes Curbed.com.

Columbus Square on Manhattan Upper West Side

Columbus Square on Manhattan's Upper West Side

But the community board left out one site:  The Jewish Home Lifecare campus at 120 W. 106th St.

Alas, the retirement campus plans to swap properties with developer Joseph Chetrit.  The result: Continue reading