Most expats face disadvantage when living in Cambodia


This randomly photographed clinic is larger than most. Such clinics can be found all over Phnom Penh.

Not even Cambodians defend the quality of medical care in Cambodia.  The king routinely jets off to China for checkups, and top government officials also head to other countries for the best care.

Ailments that otherwise are treated routinely elsewhere in Asia demand quick flights to Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore.  Examples might include a sinus infection, certain bone fractures and diseases that internists in other nations can easily diagnose.

A related issued is that no one knows how reliable are drugs with foreign labels, and they fill the shelves of numerous pharmacies.

For me, the issue relates to Continue reading


I was once again reminded how doctors feel


"Hey, Doc, it hurts." I know how he feels. (Flickr photo by Laura4Smith)

So, I was in the gym the other day between sets of arm curls when someone stopped me to ask a question.

The guy is friendly enough, but I don’t know him outside the gym and, therefore, wouldn’t call him a friend.

But it turns out that “Andy’s” question turned into a 15-minute conversation from which I couldn’t escape as one question followed another.  In fact, Continue reading