Thinking out of proverbial box could better Cambodia

You can be sure that participants in this protest against the ruling party a while back collectively represent unfathomable need.

Modern history has demonstrated that, indeed, there always is something new under the sun.

Under this nation’s punishing sun, perhaps some possibly new ideas could improve the lives of the heartbreakingly numerous Cambodians unable even to hope for a better life.

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Eric Kayser bakery, thank you for changing my life

Kayser 1A wide assortment of Western food is available in Phnom Penh and, I imagine to a lesser degree, elsewhere in Cambodia.  I have been able to find, albeit at elevated prices, almost anything I have wanted.

Although I have located decent bread — much of it is from international chains such as Tous les Jours — including baguettes, breads as chewy and heavy as what I loved in New York eluded me.

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