The High Road: Flee if broker says, ‘I guarantee’

Scale model of Fordham University’s new law school and residence hall. (Fordham photo by Jon Roemer)

Several months ago, I took buyers of mine to an open house in a building in the low 60s overlooking Lincoln Center.  In the foreground was a superblock owned by Fordham university.

The university had proposed massive development of the block.  And by massive, I mean skyscrapers that would block the view west toward the Hudson River and beyond from the apartment under consideration along with hundreds of other units.  Community opposition was strong, vocal and, until then, successful in seeming to block the project.

“I guarantee you the building will never be constructed,” the broker said, or words to that effect.  Continue reading

Meet another broker whose name I won’t provide

Fordham University

The apartment: A two-bedroom co-op on a high floor overlooking Fordham University and Lincoln Center with wonderful views toward the Hudson.

The price: Nearly $2 million.

The problem: An aggressive and reckless broker who doesn’t know how to shut up.  (I didn’t catch his name and don’t know whether he was covering the open house for the listing broker or was that individual himself.)

It wasn’t so much that this broker–call him Dick–insisted on a hard sell as he pursued us throughout the unit, though that was pretty offensive.  It was that he made a promise for which he could be sued. Continue reading