Expect buyers to ask these pointless questions

"Why are they moving," buyers invariably want to know.

When I accompany a buyer to see a property or overhear others at an open house, I know I can count on the same two questions being asked.

First, what’s the square footage?

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Many buyers live in fantasyland

When BrickUnderground.com asked me to come up with information that buyers shouldn’t tell their brokers, I didn’t have a hard time drafting a long list.

Site founder Teri Karush Rogers and I pared the list down to eight.  Of course, as a broker, I would much prefer to know what’s on my buyers’ minds.  That’s great from my point of view, maybe not so wonderful from theirs in that I may well choose not to to work with them to find a condo or co-op in Manhattan.

That said, here’s No. 7 on the list – along with what I would interpret from what is said: Continue reading