No one wants even to think about insurance

Few topics relating to real estate are less scintillating or more critical than homeowners insurance.  Remember Sandy?

Even if a terrible storm doesn’t ruin your home or its contents, anyone who has experienced a loss will vouch for the importance of homeowners or renters insurance.

If your eyes haven’t already glazed over, here in a nutshell are items in a homeowners policy that merit attention:

Survey: Prospective home buyers harbor 5 myths

Many U.S. home buyers operate in the dark (Flickr photo by SP8254 - Catching Up)

As a New Yorker, of course I believe that we’re smarter than anyone else in the country.  So, I don’t necessarily subscribe to our sharing the same deficiencies that home buyers who live elsewhere suffer.

But I do think that a recent survey for Zillow bears scrutiny.

Astonishingly, it found that 42 percent of polled prospective home buyers believe Continue reading