Out and About: If it smells like a rose, keep sniffing

(Flickr photo by shutupyourface)

If smoking’s your thing, did I see a co-op for you!

It was the last of three apartments that I visited yesterday, and I felt as though I was striking a wall when I entered the place, which is on Central Park West in the high ’60s.

It seems an active 95-year-old man–he had gone shopping–has lived in the unit for decades and decades.  Every day of every one of those years of his residence, Continue reading

Out and About: Estate sales challenge listing brokers

Even spiffed up, this estate listing reveals a long past.

When it comes to selling a tired old estate, don’t envy the listing broker, even for a property that will garner a healthy commission.

Estate sales are tough, not only because the properties tend to be in miserable condition, but also because the beneficiary or beneficiaries can cause complications.

One issue can be unfamiliarity with the property so that it’s often hard to know what is behind a wall, what changes were made and what the condition is of a variety of elements. Continue reading