If this is a true story, one broker should be shot

Montague Terrace, Brooklyn Heights (Flickr photo by lumierefl)

A friend sent me the link to a New York Times blog, where an anonymous commenter told an anecdote that raised my hackles and, as well, the hair on my head.

It seems a Brooklyn Heights real estate broker leaped over the line of conflict of interest and landed with both feet on the square of ethical violation.

According to the post, the broker is married to the president of a co-op board in the building where the writer, a first-time buyer and foreigner, hoped to live.  The commenter quoted the broker, who is the female half of the couple, as maintaining that she knew exactly what sort of shareholder the board was seeking–“and don’t worry.”

The woman and her husband would facilitate the process, the broker reportedly said. The comment continues: Continue reading