One bird is singing the blues just for the time being

The last time I wrote about a new Web site that one of the founders described as “Priceline meets a dating service” was March.

“ is New York City’s only ‘name your own price’ Real Estate website,” the home page exclaimed.

REchirp was meant to give buyers a chance to search for properties without specifying price and provide listing brokers with leads. They had hoped to break even by year’s end.

Unfortunately for the two founders, Andrew Green and Marc Blum, REchirp has had to Continue reading sets the record straight on its intent

After reading my earlier post, which was based on a feature I saw in a weekly newspaper, the two founders of got in touch with me to clarify information that I picked up from the periodical.

Since my post was overwhelmingly negative, I’m glad Andrew Green and Marc Blum were able to clear up my misconceptions.

“We’re more like Priceline meets a dating service,” Andrew said in our conference call yesterday.  Continue reading