Out and About: Units occupying a nouveau niche

The Aldyn, 60 Riverside Blvd.

New developments possess an undeniable allure.

Those condos — invariably condos — seduce us with their gleam, their gloss, their glamor.

You can count on the windows being huge and the views from higher floors being incomparable.  In the more expensive ones, the style will be high; the amenities, impressive and comprehensive; and the service, white-glove.

To some folks, the idea that no one has lived in the new home of their choice is an attraction that can’t be beat.  A friend once confessed that she’d never buy a “used” house.  “Why,” she asked rhetorically, “would I want want to live in someone else’s place?”

If that’s the case, that pretty well rules out hotel rooms when traveling, no?

Although new developments lack Continue reading

Representing buyers can be a losing propostion

Trump Place on Riverside is nothing if not expensive.

My dear friend Cora recently called to tell me that someone she had just met was looking for a large co-op or condo near Riverside Boulevard.  Cora was understandably excited.

Representing a buyer such as her acquaintance would be good for me, but I’ve learned to ask questions before getting my hopes up.

The key question is this: Is the woman working with anyone else?

You guessed it.  She is working with another broker.  In fact, she is working with five other brokers.  Continue reading