Perfect pitch may hit the wrong chord of law

(Source: the U.S. National Archives)

The headline went like this:

“Can I Buy Your House, Pretty Please?”

In the Wall Street Journal, the article by Joann S. Lublin noted that the housing market has changed in some areas.  As the subheading observed:

With inventory tight and prices rising, buyers in competitive markets like Silicon Valley and Seattle are returning to a boom-era tactic: writing heartfelt letters to sellers explaining why they should win the house. Signing with a paw print.

The piece is accurate in pointing out that an emotionally charged letter from a buyer can sway a seller who is considering more than one offer.

Referring to the missives as “pitch letters” or “love letters,” Lublin correctly reported that Continue reading

Weekly Roundup: Inventory, trusts, mice, more

Despite upward trend citywide, REBNY says Q1 median prices fall behind one year earlier

But March prices in new developments are up as inventory slides

To rid your home of potentially harmful household products, head on Sunday to Union Square, other boroughs later

Residential rental buildings enjoy 34 percent increase in sales volume over a year ago

Location agents help identify homes that can smile for the camera

Combos are getting b-i-g-g-e-r in two ways

Popular new site helps Continue reading

Those fun-loving folks at Ritz are. . . cracked

Maybe they like their crackers soggy, but I can’t think of any other reason that the “Ritz Cracker FUNomenal Places” Study classified Seattle as the “most fun place in America!”  (The exclamation point is theirs.)ritzcrackers

Have they forgotten the late John Lindsay’s characterization of the Big Apple as “fun city” when he was mayor and I covered City Hall for the Associated Press?  Don’t they go bananas for Broadway, ape over art galleries or feed themselves with a variety and quality of food unknown anywhere else in the United States? Continue reading