Real estate agents have to be a nosy bunch

Your secrets are safe. (Flickr photo by Capitan Giona)

Both sellers and buyers are bound to think real estate agents are nosy, even rude.  But we need insights into their plans, requirements and motivation to serve them best.

At a first meeting, sellers can pretty well assume that a broker will want to know at least the following:

  1. Reason for selling
  2. Amount of Continue reading

The High Road: The customer is not always right

There can come a time when a broker has to say good-bye. (Photo by _6ft5)

A real estate broker infrequently has to bid adieu to a buyer or seller who is devious or merely mischievous.   And it  always is regrettable when that situation arises.

The fact is that, when it comes to real estate, the customer is not always right.  In that case, the customer or client should be fired. Continue reading