Baboons fascinating and. . . stubborn as some mules

Morocco- BBC- Credit- Zakaria Aït Wakrim)

Morocco: (Source: BBC/Zakaria Aït Wakrim)

In Part 1, I chronicled my “adventures” in Mexico and Nova Scotia.  Here, a three-star restaurant dining experience in France is beyond disappointing, a baboon is more than fascinating, and a revolution is less than terrifying.

Part 2

My next mishap took place in France.  We had eaten well in Rabat, Fez, Marrakesh and Agadir in Morocco, sampling a stew of camel meat and other food of unknown provenance.  So far, so good, literally good.

My wife at the time and I then took a short flight to Lyon, where I had long before made a reservation to have dinner at a three-star restaurant that same evening.

We ordered a bit recklessly, and an extravagant feast was laid before us with ceremony unaccustomed to us.  At the moment the first course appeared, Continue reading


News about unrest often seems worse from afar

Pad Thai and tea for lunch after a tumultuous weekend.

Pad Thai and tea — yes, tea — for lunch on Monday following the weekend’s violence and continued arrests.

It happens that I was in Suriname’s jungle decades ago researching a travel story and waiting for a commercial flight back to the capital.

After my days in a dugout canoe bearing me and a photographer down a river and my nights sleeping in hammocks in shelters that consisted of little more than thatched roofs and swooping bats, I was more than ready to escape those hardships.

We waited and waited for a small airplane that mysteriously failed to appear.

No seemed to know what was going on for a couple of days until those on our flight finally learned — was it from a radio broadcast someone had monitored? — that the nation was in the grips of a coup.  Continue reading