For many Cambodians, dental work takes a back seat

x1111 - 1 (1)Some of the young Cambodians I encounter are enduring braces in a country where orthodonture and cosmetic repairs are a decided luxury.

Those fortunate Cambodians tend to be the ones who work in the service industry — the ones I see most often close up — and likely have come from families that may be poor but not dirt poor.  They usually are graduates of a university or still are acquiring higher education.  Some are offspring of astoundingly wealthy parents who make up the minuscule elite class.

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Only minor dentistry should be trusted in Cambodia

That's mean and Ana.  We faked the photo when her work was completed, so she's not wearing gloves and I lack a bib.

That’s Ana and I.  We faked the photo when her work was completed, so she’s not wearing gloves and I lack a bib.  Incidentally, shorts and t-shirt are my usual attire and not only when the mercury soars.

The European Dental Clinic has a generally good reputation among expats in Phnom Penh, and it is conveniently close to home.  I’ve had nothing but good experiences there on my three visits, two of them for routine cleaning, in the last year or so.

Although the treatment of any serious dental issues such as root canals or tooth implants, like any serious medical ones, is ill-advised in this country, ordinary work can be achieved successfully.

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