Weekly Roundup: Condo ‘madness,’ price rises, creditworthiness, 1031 exchanges, piece of the Pitt, micro apartments, boomerang buyers, more

City’s encouragement of waterfront living is scrutinized

Hundreds of new condos soon to be on market on Upper East Side

‘Condo Madness Returns,’ New York magazine declares in five-story package

Region’s prices rise 3.1 percent from September to September

Brooklyn new development sales grow 31 percent over last quarter

Storm continues to complicate closings, but lenders honoring expired rate locks

The $235 million he drops on second home is no shack

Comedian’s Bel-Air home goes for $6.3 million

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True confessions of an auction addict

Skier in Vail, Colo.

Aside from the fact that many readers like to keep up with auction news, I once had an experience that seems to have hooked me on the subject.

When I was a writer for Money magazine in the early 80s, real estate auctions were rare enough that I was assigned to cover one.  The auction in question was for unsold units near Vail, Colo. Continue reading