Weekly Roundup: Condo sales spike, rents don’t quit, U.S. prices flat to up, rates once again set record, refi activity grows, media rooms fading

Condo sales volume spikes in May, listing prices fall as Manhattan inventory dwindles

With supply plunging 17.7 percent from May 2011, contract activity for Manhattan condos and co-ops soars 36 percent over a year earlier

Manhattan’s dollar volume of residential sales swamps other boroughs together at 62.5 percent of city’s total

When it comes to buying a home, the superrich are decidedly different from rest of us

Ease of finding a short-stay apartment is linked, of course, to how much tenant will pay

Buyers besieging brokers in Brooklyn neighborhoods

Applications for some affordable housing are starting to appear online

Compared with Grand Central and the Empire State Building, residential architecture often gets short shrift, magazine says

NYU expansion plan moves step closer to reality

Rents again establish record in Manhattan

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