New Census data slice the Big Apple into pieces

For lower-priced housing, head to a whiter shade of pale. (Click to expand.)

The U.S. Census Bureau released five-year American Community Survey (ACS) estimates for the first time yesterday, making available social, economic, housing and demographic statistics for every community in the nation.

Reeves, Tex., was among counties with the lowest median home value–$29,000–while Nantucket, Mass. was among those with the highest median–approximately $1 million.

Manhattan’s median grew from $449,800 in 2000, Continue reading

This is why I open doors for a living



Flickr photo of "light painting" by Patrick Brosset


No, obviously I’m not a doorman.

But sometimes I feel like one as a real estate broker in Manhattan.

The contrast between between selling real estate in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., where I spent an unfortunate number of years before moving back “home” to Manhattan, was profound.  Among the differences: Continue reading

Why I write what I write

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I am living proof that old journalists won’t even fade away.

Years after I left traditional journalism and went on to at least three other careers, I can’t seem to stop writing.  In fact, I am writing so much that I have developed a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Unshackled from the restraints of editors and the necessity of charming sources, Continue reading