Weekly Roundup with The Big Apple

For the long weekend, this post combines The Big Apple, which I publish on Fridays, with my usual Weekly Roundup.  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!  See you again on Tuesday.

The Big Apple

Albany reaches agreement on property-tax cut but apparently not for New York City

Co-op boards levy all kinds of fees, but they must be ‘reasonable’

Don’t sign contract without first reading co-op board application

Residents of massive Lincoln Plaza building sue Millstein Properties over disparate pricing

Gorgeous and relaxing Upper West Side amenity throws a benefit for itself

Co-ops are a different animal

A man’s home can be his garage as well these days

Lead in your pants is okay, but not in an apartment with children

New legislation would give second-home owners a tax break


TV anchor who wouldn’t dub himself the greatest downsizes to a pied-à-terre

Ostriches will want Continue reading

The devil is–well, you know where to find him

Photo by phil.d on Flickr.

Of course, the devil is in the details.

But what are the details that purchasers of co-ops, condos and townhouses may, to their subsequent dismay, overlook sometimes immediately after closing or, not infrequently, months later?

In the kitchen, consumers may too late discover that the gleaming stainless steel of the commercial-style oven does not contain a self-cleaning feature or that the equally gleaming refrigerator does not come with a water dispenser.  Prospective buyers also should check whether: the drawers are self-closing, indicating highest quality; the cabinets are sturdy and composed of solid wood; the backsplash is not only attractive but also perfectly installed.  Is there under-the-counter lighting, evidence of leaks beneath the sink, an effective seal in the dishwasher?

In baths, it is a good idea to see Continue reading