Weekly Roundup: Manhattan iffy, U.S. supply low

Making the case for buyers’ brokers, the Times calls it a ‘buddy system’

Empty for 19 years, Park Avenue apartment that Yugoslavia owned leaves much to be desired

You won’t find more households with roommates than in Williamsburg

Manhattan market slackens, but weakness may be only seasonal

In a co-op or condo that leaks, who pays?

Newly scheduled foreclosure auctions post 7 percent decline in August from a year earlier

Influential rabbi accused in $220,000 rent subsidy scheme of unprecedented size in city

Manhattan condo prices in June continue their gradual improvement, especially on the Upper West Side (pdf)

Buff designer finally moves from $15,000 monthly rental to townhouse that’s superior

Sculptor expands his horizons in Tribeca

Disgraced as congressman, he ditches his old Queens district for a rental in Greenwich Village

Actress gives up Canadian perch after break-up (2nd item)

Housing inventory hits this year’s low

10 cities are the worst for seniors’ mobility

But 20 cities are cited as the healthiest, starting with Minneapolis

Fixed-rate mortgages touch historic new bottom

Number of homeowners underwater ticks down to 22.5 percent of all mortgage borrowers

While banks’ foreclosures notice jump 33 percent from July to August, they fall 18 percent in a year

When it comes to closing on time, ready, get set and wait, wait, wait

Purchase applications increase after weeks of trending down

Fears of Irene damage stymies scheduled closings

Tight lending standards add up to tough going, even for borrowers with great credit

Borrowers who refinance can save on taxes by seeking mortgage assignment

Architects start to enjoy increasing number of ‘help wanted’ possibilities

‘Lucky’ house number depends who you are and where you live

Investors in real estate should avoid six mistakes

Has the time arrived to re-think suburbia?

Developers who are planning homes in and around agricultural ventures think so

Well sheet and other innovations for improving sleep, the Times observes

BrickUnderground provides five tips for minimizing renovation costs

Here’s how to make a mountain out of a molehill

Census Bureau releases trove of information about income, households, health insurance, which the Times distills for you once and then again

Quality of new NAHB index on improving markets is called into question

Catching up with real estate professionals, homeowners see prices falling

You can search for 20,000 New York City properties listed by various brokers, and I encourage you to be in touch with me for assistance and advice. You also may want to see my periodic critiques of properties that I visit in Out and About, which I post on Mondays or Tuesdays.

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