Bid on 29 apartments, houses in Queens, Brooklyn

The minimum bid for this Bayside property is $338,000.

The public administrator in Queens is auctioning off 10 co-ops, one condo and 18 single-family houses, each of them left by owners who died without a will.

The estate auction takes place June 29 at 11 a.m. at 88-11 Sutphin Blvd., Room 62, Jamaica.  Inspection will be June 26-27 between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Regarding the co-ops below, the contracts will be nullified and deposit returned in the event that a board rejects a successful bidder.

Apartments (upset prices provided):

  • 87-15 204th St., Apt. B57, Hollis, $64,000
  • 86-15 Dongan Ave., Apt. 48, Elmhurst, $120,000
  • 110-45 Queens Blvd., Apt. 907, Forest hills, $131,000
  • 35-30 82nd St., Apt V54, Jackson Heights, $113,000
  • 88-25 155th Ave., Apt. 5G, Howard Beach, $60,000
  • 164-20 Highland Ave., Apt. 4V, Jamaica, $53,000
  • 150-15 Village Rd., Apt. 46A, Briarwood, $74,000
  • 26-25 141st St., Apt. 60, Flushing, $143,000
  • 48-26 44th St., Apt. 5G, Woodside, $191,000
  • 82-28 229th St., Apt. 28-11, Bellerose Manor, $116,000


  • 37-32 58th St., Woodside, $628,000
  • 190-18 118th Ave., St. Albans, $220,000
  • 20-06 36th St., Astoria, $484,000
  • 45-34 215th Pl., Bayside, $338,000
  • 421/425 Gables Rd., Narrowsburg, $38,000
  • 115-45 140th St., Jamaica, $188,000
  • 35-17 215th St., Bayside, $263,000
  • 37-33 102nd St., Corona, $449,000
  • 115-35 141st St., Jamaica, $161,000
  • 1018 E. 53rd St., Brooklyn, $259,000
  • 146-15 South Rd., Jamaica, $359,000
  • 89-09 97th St., Woodhaven, $158,000
  • 125-14 Irwin Pl., Jamaica, $146,000
  • 61-19 65th St., Middle Village, $293,000
  • 62-10 Woodside Ave., Unit 108, Woodside, $319,000
  • 114-64 197th St., St. Albans, $165,000
  • 71-05 69th St., Glendale, $319,000
  • 852 Wyckoff Ave., Brooklyn, $308,000
  • 854 Wyckoff Ave., Brooklyn, $233,000

When it comes to auctions, I tend to be a skeptic.  Those run by commercial enterprises are almost invariably electric, energized by frantically shouting, gesticulating floor personnel and a breakneck pace.

But public administrator auctions could not be more staid, even boring.  There is a leisurely pace and the possibility that lone bidders will be successful at the minimum prices.  So, a bargain is not out of the question.

In Jamaica, this detached home could be yours for as little as $188,000.

Offers have to be made in person at the auction, and a nonrefundable deposit in the form of a bank or certified check is required of each bidder for 10 percent of the upset price.  The check should be made out to the bidder to be endorsed at the auction.

The closing must be all cash within 30 days of the auction.

Additional details and photos are available on the public administrator’s Web site.  And Terms and conditions of sale, which will be read at the start of the auction as well, are available at the Office of Public Administrator and inspection sites.

Properties that fail to find buyers go on the block a second time, whenever another batch of apartments and houses is scheduled.  If they aren’t sold then, the public administrator asks a broker to unload them.

Finally, if one of the properties to be auctioned this month interests you, there is no excuse for bidding without inspecting it.  Otherwise, you’ll be buying a pig in a poke, perhaps nothing but ragged skin and broken bones.

Good luck to one and all!

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