Sticky subject bedevils new 96th street station

North entrance of the station.

The new headhouse, as it’s called, at 96th Street and Broadway, isn’t even finished.  But it’s already scarred.

That's not abstract art in this closeup from the photo above.

The pigs among New Yorkers being what they are have decided to share their chewing gum with the lovely stonework beneath their feet.

Any building superintendent who has tried to remove the stuff knows it’s all but impossible to do so without expensive special treatment way beyond a high-pressure stream of water.  So we’re likely going to have to live with the mess for quite some time to come, if not for the duration of our lives.

It’s a pity.  Faithful readers of this blog know that I adore the new facility, which is a colossal improvement in every way but one: Pedestrians must negotiate the highly trafficked intersection at Broadway and 96th Street, where there are delayed turn signals that often dare, defy and dismay straphangers.

The inside is no less abused by those who chew gum.

Aside from the indifference of our neighbors to the worthiness and winning design of the project, at least there is some good news to report: Elevator cabs already are in place, and it looks as though the work may be continuing on time for next month’s announced date of completion.

Inside the station, contractors are still doing construction that inconveniences those of us who want to use the south end of the platform for the downtown Nos. 1, 2 or 3 trains.  Access between 93rd and 94th streets is now blocked.

But all the inconvenience will be, to my thinking, counterbalanced by a finished product that succeeds in creating a thing of beauty that, at the same time, eases underground access to the trains–no more going down to go up.

Now, if we could prohibit access to the gum chewers and those unware or uncaring individuals who blocks stairways, I’d be thrilled beyond belief.

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