I win some, lose some and don’t enjoy losing

(Flickr photo by dampeebe

An e-mail last week from a woman whom I had represented successfully in two transactions was, to say the least, kind of disappointing.

Along with Paul Purcell, a principal in the brokerage with which I’m affiliated, plus a broker with 26 years of experience on the Upper West Side, I met with the woman’s husband last spring to assess the value of the apartment that I had sold them.  Although the meeting was long scheduled, the woman was unaccountably absent.  (I suspect that she avoided the meeting deliberately to avoid hearing bad news.)

In the low 80s between Riverside Drive and West End Avenue, the unit was thronged at an open house the last time it was listed.  That was in 2007, when the market was red-hot.  In a competitive bidding situation, they won the co-op for an even $2 million.

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