Public administrator won’t disclose winning bids

This is about all I got from the Office of the King's County public administrator, and only from the Web site.

I admit it: I failed

Because I couldn’t get to yesterday’s auction of estate properties by the King’s County public administrator, I thought I’d call today to get the results for the edification of my readers.

Good luck!

First, I spoke to a nice seemingly young woman who gave her name as Christina. After putting me on hold, she said that she could provide the information if, for some reason, I faxed a written request.

Uh oh.  The first sign of trouble.

I did that, my fax machine indicated that the one-pager had gone through, and I called Christina a second time. No sign of the fax, said she. So, I dutifully tried again–and got a busy signal for the next hour.

Hopefully assuming that there was a problem with the public administrator’s fax machine, I called one more time. Although I asked for Christina, a man who subsequently identified himself as Earl Johnson got on the horn.  The conversation went something like this:

Why didn’t you just go to the auction?

Unfortunately, I wanted to get there, but I was too busy selling real estate.

Well, we haven’t finished compiling it.

All I want–

I know what you want.  You should have gone to the auction.


I told you, we haven’t finished compiling it.  The contracts are all in the lawyer’s office.

How long–

I don’t know.  As I said. . .

Can’t you just tell me the winning bids?

Look, you should have gone to the auction.  I don’t have. . .

I wasn’t taking notes, but the foregoing gives you the gist of our exchange, complete with interruptions and attitude. Trust me, I haven’t exaggerated.

Now, I’ve been to a few auctions by public administrators, and let me tell you that more than one government official makes a point of recording every bid.  If Mr. Johnson’s office doesn’t have that record, that would be reason enough to question its competency.

Although I didn’t have any luck, maybe you will.  Try calling old Earl at the number below, Public Administrator Bruce L Stein or Deputy Administrator Nicole A. Austin, who is so proud of her master’s degree that it’s indicated on the Web site.

(718) 643-3032 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (718) 643-3032 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

I’m sure they’ll welcome your calls, all your calls.

As for me, I’m done demonstrating the small mindedness of petty bureaucrats.

Ah, the joys of communication by blogging.

Update: A commenter notes that has the winning bids, i.e.:

432 Halsey Street $450,000
199 Hancock Street, $525,000
961 Lorimer Street, $695,000
1167 Halsey Street, $330,000
1035 E. 53rd Street, $455,000
484 Greene Avenue, $450,000
258 E. 28th Street, $395,000
1395 Carroll Street, $760,000
Versa Place, Shirley, NY $80,000

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