A 1BR UES co-op goes on the block July 26

240 E. 76th St. in Manhattan

Advertised as a one-bedroom, one-bath 500-sf co-op, apartment No. 5A at 240 E. 76th St. is headed for a foreclosure auction on Monday, July 26 with a $50,000 minimum bid.

But photographs of the unit on the Williams & Williams auction site suggest that it’s really a studio, at least in Manhattan nomenclature, with monthly maintenance of $725.

The "one-bedroom" unit is to be auctioned subject to owner's approval.

This is not an absolute auction, so the winning bid is subject to the owner’s approval.  That would be the lender. Other requirements: Continue reading

A book’s cover can be quite revealing

The lobby of 180 W. 93rd St., a six-story building constructed in 1941 on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

When you walk into the lobby of a building, there is almost no limit to what you can infer.

With respect to monthly costs, you can be sure they will be high if you encounter a doorman, concierge and an elevator operator.  And if there is more than one entrance, common charges or maintenance fees will be that much higher.

Add impressive floral displays, computerized information monitors to indicate packages and such, more than one passenger elevator and an expansive space filled with expensive furniture, then you already know that you’ll need deep pockets to live there. Continue reading