I was once again reminded how doctors feel


"Hey, Doc, it hurts." I know how he feels. (Flickr photo by Laura4Smith)

So, I was in the gym the other day between sets of arm curls when someone stopped me to ask a question.

The guy is friendly enough, but I don’t know him outside the gym and, therefore, wouldn’t call him a friend.

But it turns out that “Andy’s” question turned into a 15-minute conversation from which I couldn’t escape as one question followed another.  In fact, I had to omit the end of my workout to get home in time for dinner.

First, he wanted to know whether I knew the Pythian building on West 70th Street, then it was the Level Club nearby.  Each of them has impressive architecture from their past as buildings owned by fraternal organizations, and I’ve seen some of their apartments over the years.

I told him my impressions, but then he wanted to know about renting a unit before owning it as a test-run before purchase.

“Don’t you have a broker?” I asked.

“Well, yes, but you’re more knowledgeable,” he replied, without getting the hint that I usually receive compensation for my expertise.

Andy went on asking question after question about how much he might offer to tempt the seller of a place listed for $1.2 million. What did I think of $1.25 million for the privilege of renting out the place under contract to purchase a year later?

“You do have a broker, right?” I remarked.

“Well, yes, but let me ask another thing.”

And so it went, the sort of situation that physicians encounter at cocktail parties , where some folks think nothing of asking about their pain or rash.

If I’m more knowledgeable, I’d love to know why Andy’s using–I write the word advisedly–another broker and why he thinks I work for free.

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