Announcement: Something old is becoming new

I have been writing Realty Digest for seven and a half years, six years longer than this blog.

Although the newsletter will continue in an abbreviated and redesigned form for a while, I have decided that the best way to serve my readers is to move all the information found there to this site on a weekly basis.

My aim is to make the publication much more accessible in every sense, cutting down reading time while preserving all that Realty Digest contains. A goal that is equally important to me is keeping readers more up-to-date than was possible with a biweekly publication.

Starting tomorrow and almost every Friday thereafter, this blog will feature two or three posts with a consistent format.

You can count on weekly summaries of news and information that especially residents of New York City wiIl want to know plus a second post composed of headlines in the categories of celebrity sales and purchases, research, the U.S. housing market, mortgage developments and forecasts by experts.  On most Fridays, I’ll also write my unvarnished reviews of properties I visit.

Whether you have been receiving my newsletter or just checking this blog, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy the new format and the new way of serving your interests. At the same time, I hope that you’ll have a look at the more opinionated posts that I will keep writing daily.

The best way of ensuring that you don’t miss an “issue” is to subscribe by e-mail or RSS feed.

For immediate access to breaking news, in addition to many items that may interest you but not find their way here, you may also want to follow me on Twitter.

I hope you like the big change.

See you tomorrow!

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